Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about SFDA Cosmetics and Perfumery Certification for Importing or Exporting to Saudi Arabia

What is FASEH?

FASEH is a new online single-window system launched by SFDA for receiving requests for the Certification of Cosmetic and Perfumery Product consignments from KSA Importers and for the issuance of Certificates of Conformity (CoCs). This single-window system was in a voluntary testing phase since 11th July 2021 and SFDA announced the date for mandatory migration to the new system starting from 3rd October 2021. CoCs issued from Intertek’s proprietary ASTRA IT System were used by Applicants for KSA Customs clearance until the mandatory enforcement date of FASEH.

What tasks can be undertaken in the FASEH System?

The FASEH System is currently configured by SFDA with a basic functionality as listed below with a scope for future enhancements at a later stage:

  • Importer or their authorised representatives can raise request for CoC for consignments of Cosmetic and Perfumery Products destined to KSA
  • SFDA authorised CBs such as Intertek can receive and process such requests and generate the CoC through the FASEH System.

Is it mandatory for CoCs to be issued through the FASEH system?

Yes. CoCs can be issued through the FASEH System at present. CoCs generated outside the FASEH System cannot be used for clearance at KSA Customs ports and borders.

What are “Contact Officers” in the FASEH System?

“Contact Officers” in the FASEH system are those additional personnel who are nominated by the Importer within their respective primary accounts to perform applicable tasks in the FASEH System on their behalf.

How many Contact Officers under Importer can be added in FASEH?

FASEH has an open system configuration. Each Importer can have only 1 primary Importer account linked to their Commercial Registration No. under which unlimited Contact Officers can be added.

What is the functionality of Contact Officer for Importers?

Contact Officers can perform all the tasks designated for the Importer’s primary account. Importers can nominate Intertek as Contact Officer to facilitate the raising of the shipment certification requests in the FASEH System on their behalf.

How can Importer nominate a Contact Officer?

Importers can create a sub-account linked to an e-mail address of their authorized representative under their primary account in order to nominate a Contact Officer.

What information is mandatory in the FASEH System while applying for CoC?

The following Shipment information related to the Cosmetics and Perfumery product consignments is required at the time of requesting shipment certification in the FASEH system:

  • Shipments Policy date/AWB date
  • Country of Supply
  • Arrival Port in KSA
  • Lot No.
  • Shipment Invoice No.
  • Shipment Invoice Date
  • HS Code (per product)
  • Product description
  • Product Quantity
  • Weight (per product)
  • Measurement Unit of the Product
  • GHAD No.
  • Batch No. (per product)

What is GHAD?

GHAD is an electronic Cosmetic notification system implemented by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) to regulate manufacturing, importation and marketing of Cosmetics and Perfumery products in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

What is GHAD notification?

The GHAD system is divided into many sections, including manufacture notification and product notification. The first step in the GHAD notification/listing process is the creation of user account. Once this step is completed and required information is obtained, the user can initiate the process of Cosmetic Products’ notification through the GHAD system.

Is there a link between FASEH System and GHAD platform?

Yes, FASEH System is linked to the GHAD platform. While searching a product in FASEH during data entry stage, only those products that are already notified on the GHAD platform can be selected for certification and hence, only GHAD notified products can be certified in FASEH.

Is GHAD notification process mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory. The GHAD notification process is fully implemented since 2023 and is mandatory for any Cosmetics and Perfumery products placed in the Saudi marketplace.

The notification/listing reference numbers are mandatory in order to obtain a Certificate of Conformity for the import of such products into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Who is responsible for the GHAD notification process?

GHAD process has to be initiated by the local Importers/Distributors. The website address is: https://ghad.sfda.gov.sa/en/.

Can Intertek provide GHAD notification services to Clients?

Yes, Intertek has a dedicated team that can provide expert consultancy services to Applicants for facilitating GHAD notification for their Cosmetics and Perfumery Products and Manufacturing locations.

What is the purpose of GHAD notification process?

The purpose of GHAD notification is to establish traceability of Cosmetics and Perfumery products placed in the Saudi market during the market surveillance carried out by SFDA.

Is the Certificate of Conformity still requested even when the products will be subject to GHAD notification process?

The CoC is still mandatory for each shipment of Cosmetics and Perfumery Products even if these products are subject to the GHAD notification process. Notification shall be available when requesting a CoC as the FASEH request cannot be raised if the product is not notified in the GHAD platform.

Does the GHAD replace the Conformity Assessment/Registration which is done by Intertek?

The GHAD Notification does not replace Intertek Conformity Assessment process (Inspection, Testing, Registration/Licensing) for the issuance of CoC.

Is the GHAD Notification Number required to be provided to Intertek when submitting the request for certification for Cosmetic product shipments?

Yes. Since FASEH System is linked to GHAD platform, only those products that are notified on the GHAD platform can be selected and hence, only GHAD notified products can be certified in the FASEH System

Are inflight sales / duty free cosmetic products subject to GHAD, as such products are not to be sold in the Saudi market?

Yes, all cosmetic products must be notified in GHAD.

Are Cosmetic and Perfumery products that are supplied to Hotels (as Hotel amenities) subject to GHAD notification?

Yes, all Cosmetic and Perfumery products must be notified in GHAD.

How can Intertek support Exporters/Importers for the GHAD Notification process for Cosmetics and Perfumery Products?

Intertek can support Exporters/Importers in facilitating the GHAD Notification by:

  1. Providing information to Exporters/Importers regarding GHAD process.
  2. Initiating the notification process on behalf of Exporters/Importers. For this purpose the Exporters/Importers should contact Intertek Offices in their countries and provide them with a sub-account created by them in GHAD for an Intertek user in addition to providing an authorization letter to Intertek to proceed with GHAD process on behalf of Exporters/Importers. Additional documents and manufacturer information may be requested.
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